Over the years, our firm has served numerous customers from around the globe, offering them the best and most unique websites based on their requirements. All the website designs we create are top-end and extremely useful. To ensure that you can make an informed decision, here is a portfolio of some of our best projects. We have selected only a few out of 700 equally unique projects. All projects are supported by references from our happy and satisfied customers that we can provide if required!



Marketing online can be challenging, especially when selecting the right audience based on your requirements. Therefore, we joined hands with the owners of emercury.net to create a platform where you can easily reach the right demographic for your business. The best is that Emercury.net is restricted to the most skilled users. Instead, it has been made in a user-friendly and engaging way that can help you get more email leads and better conversions from those leads. Engage with your potential customers better and get the best output from the investment you make in digital email marketing.



Mishpacha brings you the news from around the world about the Jewish community’s experience. We at Web Design Cali are always looking to find the right ways to help protect the Jewish community and provide them with better opportunities. Our team noticed a lack of high-end magazines that offer creative content about the world- events, powerful profiles, and exciting journeys related to the Jewish world. Additionally, our team has helped to convert this into a weekly flagship magazine and provided complete site redesign services. We also ensured that none of the previous data was lost during the process, making it possible for the website to run smoothly and efficiently.



By now, you are well aware that Web Design Cali has a thing for unique and challenging projects, and Finger Check is no different. Here, we have made an outclass human resource management tool that solves s a huge problem: documentation related to human resources. Most firms face the issue of finding one centralized way to consider all the documents of their employees and manage them. Therefore, this platform provides a centralized system where all documentation can be brought together and managed easily. Additionally, you can manage as many employee documents as required this way, irrespective of the size, geography, and network.



eCommerce is our forte, and we don’t shy from flexing it when the right project comes by. The same case applies to Nature Mart, Australia's leading online supermarket. Nature Mart has developed a reputation over the years for providing high-end health supplements and foods online. It offers a hassle-free shopping experience. Nature Mart partnered with Web Design Cali to get continuous updates to their system and make it more client-friendly. Seeing how their store has grown over the last few years, we can say with ease that the results of our service have been exceptional.


The Nutrition Store

One key reason for poorer health standards worldwide is the consumption of food items that don’t offer proper nutrition. To overcome this problem, the nutrition store was launched to provide you with all the essential nutrients to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. We helped create their site to be as user0friendly and resourceful as possible. Everything is sorted perfectly in an alphabetical manner. The layout makes the website engaging, reducing the bounce rate and ensuring that most customers can easily find their products and place orders.



Organic moringa is one of the best sources of nutrients in the world. It is considered a great natural supplement to improve your diet and healthier lifestyle. RedMoringa. It offers the highest quality organic moringa for health and wellness purposes. The firm is Inoq certified. Inoq is an Italian control body, and its certification ensures that the supply chain of the product being supplied is completely organic and meets the mandatory European standards. Over the years, we have worked with the firm to rejuvenate their website and ensure a healthy progression of their services.


MCM Creative Technology

Unique technologies and innovation are the two ways human beings can progress ahead and become advanced species. MCM Creative Technology bears these two qualities to its core. It helps create useful solutions that can bring different users together and help them connect. Additionally, it does not use the consortium approach. Instead, breaking the mold and creating innovative solutions to their core is the firm’s main focus. They have worked with Website Design Cali to get the best design for their website.



Efficient supply and distribution of genuine and fresh designer brand cosmetics became the reason for the massive success enjoyed by CosmeticsNow. Currently, the firm is known for the low prices for high-end products. To ensure hassle-free browsing and a great user experience, they have availed our services for many years.